There is NO Social Distancing in Jails and Prisons!

By refusing to release those behind bars with compassionate clemency and commutation, elected officials are sentencing people to death. Jails and prisons are petri dishes and to truly "flatten the curve" then we must decarcerate immediately. AoUon- Northern NJ stands in solidarity with the men and women who have passed due to COVID-19 in New Jersey correctional facilities. They are not just numbers and We Remember Them...

Here's What We Want!

AoUoN- Northern NJ calls on New Jersey Gov. Murphy to implement significant decarceration policies and sanitation measures. New Jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007, yet is subjecting the incarcerated to a de facto death sentence with its sluggish and ineffective response to the pandemic. This public health crisis calls for a demand to #FreeThemAll, #FreeThemNow, and #LetThemGo #ClemencyCompassion #CommutationCompassion.

Specifically, we advocate that the following immediate measures are undertaken:

  • Release all individuals housed in New Jersey’s prisons, jails, and youth facilities who are highly vulnerable to infection, particularly the elderly, individuals with pre-existing physical and mental health conditions, pregnant people, and youth.

  • Release all individuals within 6 months of completing their sentences. 

  • Release all individuals held in New Jersey’s jails due to an inability to afford bail. 

  • Assess whether all detained youth can be safely released to their homes.

  • Test all incarcerated individuals for COVID-19. 

  • Provide timely infection prevention information and necessary sanitary equipment (masks, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.) free of charge. 

Read our full list of demands and join us as a signatory

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