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Health + Wellness Initiative

AoUoN-NNJ has partnered with certified yoga instructor, Bonnie Pariser, and Fern Katz, certified Pilates instructor, for a Health +  Wellness Initiative! Register below.

AoUoN-NNJ his happy to offer yoga and pilates classes via zoom led by experienced instructors. Classes will be held on Thursdays from 6:15-7:00 pm and will alternate weeks between yoga and pilates.  A donation to AoUoN-NNJ is requested to attend.  You can make your donation, for any amount, via paypal by clicking here. 


January 14th- Pilates

January 21st--Yoga

January 28th- Pilates

February 4th-Yoga

February 11th- Pilates

February 18th-Yoga

February 25th- Pilates

March 4th-Yoga

March 11th- Pilates

March 18th-Yoga

March 25th- Pilates

April 1st- -Yoga

If you answer YES to any of the following questions we encourage you to join us!


  • Do you need a break in your daily/weekly routine?

  • Do you experience stress during the week?

  • Do you want to make room for self-care this year?

  • Are you experiencing advocacy fatigue?

  • Are you experiencing stress-related symptoms that are affecting your health?

  • Would you like to maintain overall good health (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical)?​


We all know theoretically that self-care is extremely important for not only our own well-being, but also for the people we care for, work with, and even casually interact with. Self-care gives you a chance to recharge your battery, it makes you better at whatever it is you are doing, it gives you a more positive outlook, it gives you more patience, clarity, and access to wisdom.  Even though we know how important self-care is, most of us do not make time for it. We put it off saying we are too busy, or we don't really need it. 

If you are unable to join us on Thursday evenings we will have recordings you can access.  Email here to request a list of links to the classes.



These classes are based on Structural Yoga Therapy which is a method that addresses weakness and asymmetries commonly found in the human body. The movements will focus on engagement and lengthening of muscle groups.  The work is mindful and encourages release in the soft tissue and regulating the nervous system so that the practitioners can experience a deep rest and reset. 


You will need a mat or some other type of non-slide surface. If you have yoga blocks, (large books and/or semi-empty 1-gallon paint cans will work just as well) and a nice comfy blanket, have that with you too.  




Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise that strengthens, lengthens, and tones your muscles while also working to correct postural alignment issues that build up over a lifetime. All humans have patterns that form through repetitive movements or habits that cause wear and tear on your muscles, joints, and bones. Pilates will help you feel and understand the muscles that you use to overcompensate and often cause injury, and will guide you to strengthen other stabilizing muscles that support a healthy spine. Pilates workouts are both intense and subtle and will leave you feeling better and stronger than when you started class.


There are many evidence-based research studies that have been done on mindfulness and exercise, illustrating how people do what they do much better when they can devote even a small amount of their time on wellness. The most important thing is your own direct experience, feeling and seeing what mindful exercise can do for you.

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Fern Katz is a professional dancer, certified Pilates instructor, and mobility/fitness coach. She was certified in Mat Pilates in by Steele Pilates in NYC and is in the process of getting certified in Pilates Apparatus at The Pilates Space.

Bonnie Pariser has been teaching yoga for more than 20 years and has been practicing for the past 34 years. She runs Yoga Loka in Frenchtown NJ. Bonnie is also a yoga therapist and she will be able to help you adapt poses for your body, with the intention of addressing injuries or limitations you may have. The classes will be accessible to all levels.

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