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With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to provide community support for those leaving jails or prisons. Our Welcome Home Initiative is something that we take very seriously, and our team works to provide baskets of hygiene necessities to those recently released.


                                                         To help fill a basket, Donate Here!

We Need Your Help More Than Ever Now!


On September 24, 2020 Governor Phil Murphy signed into law S2519/A4235, the Public Health Credit Bill. With the worst rate of COVID- 19 in jails and prisons in the country, this new law grants approximately 3,000 people to safely return home to their families and communities starting November 4th. With the highest sentencing and racial disparities in the country, New Jersey jails and prisons have become  de facto death sentences that have consequently affected more people of color. However, according to Salvation and Social Justice, New Jersey expects an estimated 20% drop in overall prison population by January with this bill.


This is an impactful and historical moment for New Jersey. Now, our communities must prepare for the influx of need to make sure that our brothers and sisters have the mutual aid support they require during this critical time following their immediate release.


The Welcome Home Initiative was created by AoUoN-NNJ organizers to provide material support for those leaving jails or prisons. In order to expand our current efforts to help with financial support for transportation, food, toiletries, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc. our team needs your help.


Here’s how you can use this initiative:


Are you able to contribute funds? Please use this link. If you are financially secure and want to support someone during their safe return home, PLEASE DONATE.


Are you recently from prison in NJ and enduring financial strife? 


Fill out this form to post a request or call 862-218-0808 or email










Welcome Home at the Transit Centers

If you are able to pick folks up at Transit stations on Nov. 4, Sign Up!

Welcome Home Line 

Folks returning home in need of a calm voice, reentry resources,

and additional material support can call our friends at

 1-888-301-0524 or for more info.

Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey

Statewide behavioral health agency that assists with housing, wellness, employment, economic development services and recovery of people with the lived experience of behavioral health conditions.

New Jersey Reentry Corporation has eight locations throughout the state and assists with identification acquisition, record expungement, job readiness and placement, and recovery.






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Welcome Home Initiative

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