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Letter Writing Initiative



The Letter Writing Initiative goes beyond the exchange of information as we aim to build community across New Jersey's prison walls.   

We are dedicated to minimizing barriers and believe in building a movement led by those directly impacted by incarceration.  Our Letter Writing Initiative reaches out to men and women currently inside correctional facilities throughout NJ to identify their needs upon release. We understand that reentry starts prior to release and through relationships formed early. The Letter Writing Initiative is one of our many spaces which centers the voices of the incarcerated and depends upon their perspective to guide our organizing.

AoUoN - Northern NJ members on the outside gather weekly to communicate with our incarcerated members and comrades via postal mail and JPay. Members on the outside share resources, literature, and new legislation which may be difficult to obtain while incarcerated. Members on the inside provide critical details about their experience of incarceration as well as larger issues facing incarcerated people. This inside-outside connection is particularly crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic as those incarcerated in New Jersey are largely left out of the conversation on public health and virus mitigation.

To help our dedicated volunteers reach as many people inside as possible, Contact Us!

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