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Grassroots Initiatives

Are you looking for a small way to volunteer that has a huge impact?

Do you have the capacity to financially lend support?

Whether you want to become a member or volunteer, we welcome you!

Whether you are directly impacted or an ally, we welcome you!

Check out our list of initiatives below to see where you can help

Welcome Home Initiative:
Support those recently released with
personal hygiene essentials, toiletries, and gift cards.
COVID-19 Mutual Aid Initiative:
Provide material to support those who have been incarcerated
and their families, and who now have been impacted by COVID-19 and
are in need of financial support.
Letter Writing Initiative:
Reach out to men and women (and non-gender-conforming folks)
currently inside correctional facilities throughout NJ 
to identify their needs upon release.
Book Initiative: 
Provide our currently incarcerated members
a brand new book of their choice.
Birthday Card Initiative:
Reach each person incarcerated 
at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women on their birthday
so that they may know there is a whole community of people that see them.
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