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 COVID-19: Video Testimonials

  • Share the video testimonies of our incarcerated comrades  Tag Gov. Murphy and us!

  • Create your own videos using #allofusornone #FreeThemNow #FreeThemAll #LetThemGo 

Whats's it like to experience COVID while incarcerated? Liana reads a testimony below!

What is it like to survive COVID-19 while incarcerated? Watch the video for testimony from a comrade housed at New Jersey State Prison in #Trenton, NJ. Then tell @GovMurphy to #FreeThemAll #FreeThemNow #LetThemGo #ClemencyCompassion #FlattenTheCurve

How does being confined and surrounded by so much COVID sickness and death affect the psyche? Lauren reads a testimony below!


What is it like to be denied the right to protect your life? Maggie reads a testimony below!

Proper Sanitation

How does it feel to be hit with the reality that even after 25 years in prison you may never make it home to see your grandkids? Nate reads a testimony below!


They say knowledge is power. What is it like to have too many unanswered COVID questions in prison? Cass reads a testimony below!.


How is the only female prison in NJ treating women during COVID? Brian reads a testimony below!

Paper Towels

How are correctional institutions responding to COVID? Ayana reads a testimony below!

Staying Alive

Are officials really giving us the real COVID related numbers inside correctional facilities? Ivelisse reads a testimony below!

Tested Positive

How does it feel to live inside a COVID-19 petri dish? Jessica reads a testimony below!

Sick Officers

Is it really possible to separate positive and non-positive victims of COVID? Roxanne reads a testimony below!

Not A Good Thing

What does access to basic needs look like during confinement? Ron reads a testimony below!

Not Allowed to Clean

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