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Mutual Aid Initiative:

Northern NJ COVID-19 Financial Solidarity Request Form for Formerly Incarcerated People and Their Families


The Northern NJ Mutual Aid Initiative was created by All of Us or None- Northern NJ organizers to offer a simple way for people in the area to support each other during this crisis.  We hope this project will provide material to support those who have been incarcerated and their families, and who now have been impacted by COVID-19 and are in need of financial support. NOTE: You do not have to be an AoUoN- Northern NJ member to receive support.


We learned from organizers like NYC Mutual Aid Project, Mariame Kaba, Dean Spade, Kelly Hayes and Delia Gando about mutual aid and are thankful for their leadership and examples of how to do this.  We encourage others to start projects like this in their own cities and communities.  


Here’s how you can use this project:


Are you directly-impacted by incarceration and enduring financial strife during this crisis? 


Fill out this form to post a request.


Are you able to contribute funds? Please use this link. If you are financially secure and want to support someone whose livelihood has been impacted by this crisis, please donate.


We hope to be able to offer financial aid up to $250 USD per request. We will distribute funds on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Keep in mind, we are not sure how many donations we will have or how many people will request aid.  In order to help as many people as possible, please request the smallest amount that would reasonably help you. 


Other Resources for Folks in Need in NORTHERN NEW JERSEY AREA


CENTER FOR POPULAR DEMOCRACY:- Form for if you can't get a COVID-19 test. They are gathering info to begin a public campaign to demand more testing 

ALL OF US OR NONE-NORTHERN NEW JERSEY- Provides DIRECT SERVICES and resources to those reentering our communities from prisons, jails, and halfway house and support for their families.


NEWARK ALLIANCE -LIVE LOCAL -Program provides one-year incentives for eligible participants to rent or renovate homes in the Program Incentive Area.


ACLU-NJ- Advocates for people when their rights to equal treatment, fairness, privacy, freedom of speech or religion are threatened. 


NEWARK COMMUNITY STREET TEAM- City’s community-based violence reduction strategy. Provides high-risk intervention, hardship assistance, wellness support, social service assistance, life management skills, legal support, crime survivor support services, employment/education referrals. 

CAREER CONNECTIONS- Did you lose your job or have your hours reduced as a result of COVID-19? Businesses across New Jersey need thousands of workers for immediate hire.




THE H.UB.B.- NEWARK -Assist participants in transforming victims of trauma to triumphant survivors of traumas.



Formerly Incarcerated individuals who need assistance with temporary emergency housing, medical and addiction treatment, and food services.


CITY OF NEWARK- Information regarding COVID-19 including programs and resources available within Newark.


SHANI BARAKA WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTER- Center to provide support, care, protection, and employment for women and girls in Newark.




NEWARK PUBLIC SCHOOLS- Lunch and breakfast programs (9:30-11:30 DAILY)


UNEMPLOYMENT- Are you unemployed due to Coronavirus?


LIHEAP- Low-income home energy assistance program


ANTI-POVERTY NETWORK- Focuses on preventing, reducing, and ending poverty in New Jersey.


Faith In New Jersey- A multi-racial network of faith leaders and faith communities working together to advance a social and economic justice agenda at the local, state, and federal levels. 




7 tips for finding a new job during the coronavirus pandemic

Food Distribution Initiative**973-733-5728**


Residents can call 973-733-5728 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They have $100 gift cards for the residents, but they are doing the shopping for everyone via shopping coordinators at ShopRite.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response & Resources (Policy and communications around COVID-19 and vulnerable jail populations by the Justice Collaborative)

13 steps to take if you’ve lost your job due to the coronavirus crisis

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