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Re-entry Anonymous

Reentry Anonymous (RA), a project of AoUoN-NNJ, is a self-governing support group for anyone formerly incarcerated or affected by incarceration. Our goal is to provide honest, anonymous, and ongoing support and access to space, both virtual and physical, where people can be open about the invisible challenges and trauma of confinement, socialization upon release, and unresolved childhood experiences people become empowered by their own abilities and are less likely to recidivate.


RA was conceived of and developed by members of the group with lived experience of reentry. They understand that the process can be discouraging and confusing, and sought to develop a framework in which individuals are able to share their experiences with one another and collectively work through obstacles, be they emotional, financial, or physical, in a safe space.


The project, yet to be fully realized as it was set to begin when New Jersey began experiencing our initial outbreak of Covid-19, is structured around practices of restorative justice and peacemaking. Participants will physically sit in a circle (this concept will also be translated into a virtual format), and the group will review core agreements and values before beginning the process of sharing. Although anonymous, participants are invited to share whether or not they have directly experienced incarceration, after which they will have the opportunity to share their stories with the group, and qualify whether they would like to share with feedback from the group or not. In this way, the project seeks to create spaces for healing and trust, but also to develop connections and draw on the collective wisdom of the group

***NOTE: This group is specifically designed to be anonymous. Photos, social media posts, media outlets, audio recordings, and anything that will violate the privacy of participants are strictly prohibited.***

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