How does being confined and surrounded by so much COVID sickness and death affect the psyche? Lauren reads a testimony below!


There is NO Social Distancing in Jails and Prisons!

By refusing to release those behind bars with compassionate clemency and commutation, elected officials are sentencing people to death. Jails and prisons are petri dishes and to truly "flatten the curve" then we must decarcerate immediately. AoUon- Northern NJ stands in solidarity with the men and women who have passed due to COVID-19 in New Jersey correctional facilities. They are not just numbers and We Remember Them...

 4/3/20: Ricky James, Age 37 
4/4/20: Susan Cicala (nurse), Age 60 
 4/7/20: Tonny Kock, Age 58 
 4/7/20: Nelson Perdomo (officer), Age 44 
54/7/20: Peter Shanley, Age 69 
 4/9/20: Bernard Waddell, Sr (officer), Age 56
74/11/20: Chart Chavalaporn, Age 57
4/13/20: Frank Silvera, Age 63
4/14/20: Michael Wilson, Age 64
4/15/20: Abdul Aziz Farrakhan, Age 64
4/16/20: William Prell, Age 72

4/16/20: James Trotman, Age 56
4/17/20: Carmelo Herrera, Age 56
4/17/20: Timothy Moorman, Age 45

4/17/20: Qahhar Saabir, Age 64
4/18/20: Vito Nigro, Age 48
4/20/20: Calvert Buchanan, Age 63
4/20/20: Elias Chalet, Age 58
4/20/20: Thomas DeGroat, Age 72
4/21/20: William Conway, Age 53
4/22/20: Roberto Rivera, Age 68
4/23/20: Robert Livingston, Age 64
4/24/20: N'namdi Azikiwe, Age 57
4/24/20; David Brown, Age 65
4/24/20 Darrell Parks, Age 63
4/24/20: Morgan Youngblood, Age 76
4/25/20: Candido Casarez, Age 63
4/25/20: Maria Gibbs (officer), Age 47
4/26/20: Michael Bright, Age 62
4/29/20: Calvert McKenzie, Age 57
4/29/20: Tiffany Mofield, Age 44
4/30/20: Denise Nagrodski, Age 58
4/30/20: Anthony Brown, Age 47
5/1/20: Rory S. Price, Aage 39
5/2/20: Robert Brown, Age 76
5/3/20: Kevin Ellington, Age 57
5/3/20: Vincent Kurczewski, Age 51
5/3/20: Charles Ullery, Age 58
5/5/20: Larry Yellock, Age 66
5/8/20 Andrew Dixon, Age 78
5/10/20: Jose Roman, Age 77
5/10/20: Ricardo Williamson, Age 63
5/12/20: Artis Kato, Age 70
5/13/20: Peter Simunovich, Age 82

Richard Debow, Age 58

Sheldon Kyle, Age 53

Wayne Davis, Age 63

Joseph Morrison, Age 69

George Willburgh

LaPatrick Turner

Bennie Devone

Damien Jasper

Corey Mirchell

Jay Goldberg

Quadamah Hamilton

George Marx

Thomas Clements

Hugo Sandoval

Louis Giambi

Casilla Bienvenido

Vincent Brandon

Miguel Hernandez

Andrew Vayda

Here's What We Want!

AoUoN- Northern NJ calls on New Jersey Gov. Murphy to implement significant decarceration policies and sanitation measures. New Jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007, yet is subjecting the incarcerated to a de facto death sentence with its sluggish and ineffective response to the pandemic. This public health crisis calls for a demand to #FreeThemAll, #FreeThemNow, and #LetThemGo #ClemencyCompassion #CommutationCompassion.

Specifically, we advocate that the following immediate measures are undertaken:

  • Release all individuals housed in New Jersey’s prisons, jails, and youth facilities who are highly vulnerable to infection, particularly the elderly, individuals with pre-existing physical and mental health conditions, pregnant people, and youth.

  • Release all individuals within 6 months of completing their sentences. 

  • Release all individuals held in New Jersey’s jails due to an inability to afford bail. 

  • Assess whether all detained youth can be safely released to their homes.

  • Test all incarcerated individuals for COVID-19. 

  • Provide timely infection prevention information and necessary sanitary equipment (masks, soap, hand sanitizer, etc.) free of charge. 

Read our full list of demands and join us as a signatory

A Call to Action!

  • Share the video testimonies of our incarcerated comrades  Tag Gov. Murphy and us!

  • Create your own videos using #allofusornone #FreeThemNow #FreeThemAll #LetThemGo 

Additional facts and information:

39,000 people from New Jersey are behind bars.

  • 19,000 in state prisons

  • 15,000 in local jails

  • 3,200 in federal prison

  • 640 youth (African American youth are at least 10 times as likely to be held in placement as are white youth)

  • 2017 ethnicity breakdown

  • 2019 State race and age breakdown

  • Although the total jail population has decreased, with reductions in all demographic categories, the racial and ethnic makeup within New Jersey’s jail population has remained largely the same. 

    • Black defendants made up 54 percent of the jail population in 2012 and 54 percent of the population in 2018.

    • The white jail population rose slightly, from 28 percent in 2012 to 30 percent in 2018.

    • The Hispanic population declined slightly from 18 to 16 percent.

  • Vera COVID-19 breakdown

  • 2017 male/female and race demographics breakdown

  • 2018 racial demographics, 2019 racial demographics 

  • In New Jersey, 18 out of every 100,000 women were in prison in 2016

  • The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, a study of nearly 28,000 transgender adults, showed patterns of frequent harassment, profiling, and abuse by law enforcement officers and high rates of incarceration. Just in the past year, 2% of respondents had been incarcerated, more than twice the rate in the general population (0.87%). 

    • Federal data suggests that LGB people are three times as likely to be incarcerated as the general population, and over 40% of incarcerated women are lesbian or bisexual. And while an estimated 7% of youth in the U.S. are LGB, between 12% and 20% of youth in juvenile detention facilities identify as LGB, and in one study, 85% of incarcerated LGB youth were people of color.

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