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Book Initiative

AoUoN-NNJ is excited to announce that we are able to give our currently incarcerated members a brand new book of their choice through our Book Initiative. We realized during the COVID-19 pandemic that it was beyond our power to get everyone incarcerated released or to remove all of the traumas of confinement but, we could provide a mental escape. We hope that a new book, while not life-changing, will improve life during trying times. Folks can learn about a serious topic of interest, or choose a book for pure enjoyment! This includes your family or friend that is currently incarcerated!

How it works:


  • Have your loved one add All of Us or None-Northern NJ to their JPay account or they can contact us through mail at PO Box 9812, Newark, NJ 07104

  • Your loved one must contact us to request a membership form

  • Your loved one must then fill out the forms they receive and return them to us.

  • Once we have received their membership form, they are free to them and they can let us know what book (one book only) we can send them.

  1. They must have more than 30 days left on their sentence

  2. The total price of the book must be less than $30.

  3. The request must include permitted books and delivery option details specific to their institution

To provide a book to someone in need, Donate Here!

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